Former members:

Karen M. Wong, Research Assistant

Currently: Post-PhD Student UC Berkeley

Andea Putnam, PhD Student

Currently: Off our radar  :(

Peter Andolfatto


Jeffrey D. Jensen, Postdoc

Currently: Professor, Arizona State University

Alisa Sedghifar

Postdoc - Drosophila Population Genomics.


Undergraduate Researchers:

PhD Students:

Matthew Aardema

PhD Student

Currently: Postdoc, American Museum of Nat History, NYC

Carolyn Griffin

Class of 2017

The evaluation of conservation


Anna Bree, Research Assistant

Currently: PhD Student, U Illinois.

Penny Haddrill, Postdoc

Currently: Teaching Associate, University

of Strathclyde

Brielle Fischman, Research Assistant

Currently: PhD Student U Illinois

Marianna Wu

Class of 2017

Plasticity of gene expression in insects.

Molly Schumer

PhD Student.

Currently: Postdoc in Molly Przeworski’s Lab (Columbia) and Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows

Virginia Byron

Princeton Class of 2009

Regulatory evolution and pigmentation in Drosophila

Jerry Nnanabu

Princeton Class of 2009

Recombination rate variation in Drosophila

Micheal Cheng

Princeton Class of 2010

Lepidopteran population genetics

Benjamin Burton

Princeton Class of 2010

Hostplant adaptation in insects

Former undergraduates:

Jesse Fields

Princeton Class of 2013

Convergent molecular evolution.

Nikki Chu

Princeton Class of 2013

Pre-mating isolation in Xiphophorus fish

Minjia Tang

Class of 2018

Behavioral genetics.

Maria Gutin

EEB Program

The genetics of



Clair Han

QCB Program

The genetic basis of behavior.


Rachel Zambrowicz

Princeton Class of 2014

Personal genomics and disease susceptibility

Lucy Cobbs

Princeton Class of 2014

Molecular evolution of cardenolide resistance in insects

Rebecca Dresner

Princeton Class of 2014

The role of behavior in structured hybrid zones of Xiphophorus fish

Lauren Castellon

Princeton Class of 2014

Genetic basis of a sexually selected trait in Xiphophorus fish

Elizabeth Cutting

Princeton Class of 2014

Stress responses to arsenic in killifish

Ying Zhen,


Currently: Postdoc at UCLA with Kirk Lohmueller

Raj Ghosh,

Visiting Postdoc (Kruglyak Lab)

Currently: Staff Scientist, Baylor College of Medicine

Lu (Ling) Yang

EEB Program

Genetics of adaptation.


Patrick Reilly

QCB Program

Lepidopteran and Drosophila



Dan Davison, Visiting Postdoc

Currently: Senior Research Scientist in “the industry”.

Ilona Ruhl, Research Assistant

Currently: PhD Student, U Calgary

Tina Hu, Postdoc

Currently: Bioinformatics specialist in “the industry”

Sergio Cordoba, PhD Student

Currently: Avian Biologist at large in Bogota.

Erika Gajda

Lab Manager


Christopher Patacsil

Princeton Class of 2016

The role of plant secondary metabolites in host-parasite interactions.

Megan Abbott

Princeton Class of 2016

The genetics of hybridization in Xiphophorus fish

Adam Rosenstein

Princeton Class of 2016

The evolution of cardenolide resistance in insects.

Sanna Edwin

Visiting student in the Karolinska-Princeton Partnership Undergraduate Exchange Program

Effective population size and weak selection in Lepidoptera.

Former High School Students:

Andrew Taverner

QCB Program

The genetics of species-specific phenotypes.


Julie Peng

Research Specialist


Serge Picard

Research Specialist




Emily Chen

Summer 2012

Morris Knolls High School, NJ

Firefly and butterfly genomics.

Currently: Undergrad at Princeton University


Regina Visconti

REU Student  - Summer 2016

The chemistry of cardiac glycosides.

Fiona Zhang

Summer 2015

St. Paul's School, Concord, NH.

Currently: Undergrad at Columbia University



Linda Boettger, 2005, UCSD

Clinton Edwards, 2005, UCSD

Elah Feder, 2003, U Toronto.
Atosa Mehrfar, 2003, U Toronto.

Adriana Puentes, 2003, U Toronto

Robert Watt, 2002, U Edinburgh.

Alexie Papanicolou, 2002, U Edinburgh.

Manolia Vougioukalou, 2000, U Edinburgh.