I like teaching and have sought opportunities to lecture in graduate school and throughout my postdoctoral years. My teaching philosophy is here. A list of courses I have assisted in or lectured in (*) follows.

[1]. Computational Neuroscience* with C Brody, Princeton University
[2]. Method and Logic in Quantitative Biology* Lecturer in Molecular Biology with NS Wingreen, 2010 - present, Princeton University
[3]. Mathematics Bootcamp for Life Sciences (BioMath)* Princeton University
[4]. Advanced Topics in Theoretical Neuroscience* with KD Miller and LF Abbott, Columbia University
[5]. Computational Neuroscience with LF Abbott, Columbia University
[6]. Systems Neuroscience* with LF Abbott, Brandeis University
[7]. Principles of Physiology with E Marder, Brandeis University
[8]. Biology Laboratory Brandeis University
[9]. Graduate Statistical Mechanics*
[10]. Undergraduate Physics Laboratory
[11]. Biochemical Reaction Kinetics
[12]. Advanced Calculus and Special Functions