IHRI Trauma Study Data Analysis Reproducibility


This web site gives instructions for obtaining the computer code and the data that allow one to reproduce the analyses in the following manuscript:

Desai KH*, Tan CS*, Leek JT, Maier RV, Tompkins RG, and Storey JD. (2011) Dissecting inflammatory complications in critically injured patients by within-patient gene expression changes: a longitudinal clinical genomics study. PLoS Medicine, 8(9): e1001093. *Joint first authors. [Web Site]

The PLoS Medicine web site contains the computer code only (as a supplementary data set file called DatasetS1.zip). Further steps must be taken to obtain the data because it is protected human data.


Step 1. Go to the following web site to register as a Consortium Member:


This will give you access to the Trauma-Related Data Base (TRDB) once you have been approved and you are assigned a user name and password. The TRDB contains all of the data from the trauma study analyzed in the above paper. This page contains further login information.

Step 2. Go to the following web site and log on with your TRDB account information:


Step 3. After completing Step 2, go to the following web site:


Step 4. Follow the instructions on the page that loads, as seen below.


If you need further information, please contact John Storey according to his contact information. For problems specific to the Glue Grant web site, please contact the appropriate person directly here.


This work was supported by NIH Glue Grant U54 GM-62119.

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