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   Saeed Tavazoie


Saeed Tavazoie
Principal Investigator
Room 245
tavazoie at genomics.princeton.edu

Marybeth Fedele
Administrative Assistant
fedele at Princeton.EDU

 Graduate Students
Sasan Amini
sasan at princeton.edu
Hani Goodarzi
goodarzi at princeton.edu
Lincoln E. Smith
smith46 at umdnj.edu
 Post-Doctoral Associates
Yir-chung Liu
yliu at princeton.edu
Alison Hottes
ahottes at princeton.edu
Ilias Tagkopoulos
iliast at princeton.edu
Peter Freddolino
pfreddol at princeton.edu
 Research Associates
Bambi Tsui
btsui at princeton.edu
 Undergraduate Students
Alice Zhang
azhang at princeton.edu
Andrew Li
andrewli at princeton.edu
 Former Lab members
Michael Beer
Assistant Professor   Department of Biomedical
Engineering & The Institute
for Computational Medicine.
Johns Hopkins Univ.
mbeer at jhu.edu
Noam Slonim
IBM Research
Haifa, Israel
NOAMS at il.ibm.com
Tiffany Vora
Assistant Professor  Department of Biology American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt 
tvora at princeton.edu
Moshe Pritsker
Editor in Chief Journal of Visualized Experiments and Post-doctoral fellow Harvard Medical school/MGH


  Kendra Harris
MD/PhD student              Tri-institutional program Cornell Medical School
kkharris at princeton.edu

Chang Chan                            Institute for Advance Study, Princeton, NJ
cschan at princeton.edu


  Gordon Freckleton
Research Scientist
ImClone Systems
gfreckle at princeton.edu
Hany Girgis
Postdoctoral Fellow
Mootha Lab
Harvard Medical School

hgirgis at princeton.edu
  Daniel Lieber
Graduate student
Systems Biology
Harvard Medical School
dlieber at princeton.edu
Olivier Elemento
Assistant Professor
Cornell Medical School

ole2001 at med.cornell.edu
  Amie Weisert