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   Saeed Tavazoie


The research in our laboratory is focused on a central problem in biology—how genetic information maps to phenotype. We work on 1) transcriptional networks, where DNA regulatory elements dictate the primary manifestation of phenotype—that of expressing genes into mRNA, and 2) on genetic networks, where complex interactions between gene products underlie the ultimate expression of phenotype.  We make extensive use of traditional experimental methods, including molecular biology, microbial physiology, and biochemistry.  In addition, we develop and employ novel technologies for making genome-wide measurements, together with computational and analytic tools required to turn these observations into plausible models of the underlying biology.  Our goal is to achieve a predictive understanding of biological behavior in terms of the structural and dynamical properties of the underlying molecular networks.

Selected Project Areas:

     Mapping sequence to gene expression in transcriptional networks
     Conservation and evolution of cis-regulatory regions
     Systems level studies of complex bacterial behavior
     Ecological perspective on bacterial physiology
     Technologies for making genome-wide observations